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MRI Associates of Lakeland d.b.a. HIGHLAND MRI

Facility Profile
  • NPI Number: 1982925269
  • TAX ID: 272366208
  • 2946 Lakeland Highlands Road, Lakeland, Florida 33803
  • Monday, Wednesday, Thursday: 7:00 am to 8:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 7:00 am to 7:00 pm
  • Friday: 7:00 am to 6:00 pm
  • Phone: 863.510.5944
  • Fax: 863.510.5939
Highland MRI
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Ramon FloresRamon Flores
21:27 16 May 24
My care was excellent and the xray tech I believe his name is Brian was very cordial, patient and professional. Thank you
Reece MReece M
16:41 16 May 24
Jeanna ParkerJeanna Parker
22:32 15 May 24
Fast and efficient. They got me right in at my appointment time and my x-rays were quick. Scott, The radiology tech, was very nice.
Debra FolsomDebra Folsom
20:07 15 May 24
It was great, awesome staff, short wait time .
Paige MPaige M
23:19 14 May 24
I was in and out in 45 minutes. The location is close to my home, very convenient. The girl that set me up was very nice and made sure I was comfortable.
scott gallagherscott gallagher
19:50 06 May 24
Always nice going there, staff is always professional and nice. Today, I was surprised by how well they reacted when a lady was being rude and condescending when told what her co-pay was.
Kay BarlowKay Barlow
13:43 04 May 24
Donna GosikDonna Gosik
22:14 03 May 24
The staff was really great, friendly and helpful. I got an appointment the same day. I would recommend this facility
Darcie NeesonDarcie Neeson
18:40 03 May 24
I was anxious but Debbie was super nice and my MRI went quickly. The front desk receptionist was helpful with billing.
jackqueline jordanjackqueline jordan
19:58 29 Apr 24
Today turns out be great day thanks to Ms Haley i was in pain so bad ms haley take her time do all she could to get me seen thanks ms Haley for being so helpful you did have to help me but in for that ms Haley I really do. Thank you ms Haley at the mri in Lakeland Florida
Anthony WrightAnthony Wright
19:01 27 Apr 24
When things need to be done in a professional way to bring comfort to yourself, Let’s just do it.
Melissa LadidMelissa Ladid
00:48 10 Apr 24
I wanted to give a better review but I couldn’t. The front desk staff were so rude. The mri tech was great. I had a problem with the amount they said was a copay I called insurance company and they said it was impossible for that amount. Insurance rep called and spoke to billing person yet when I got there I was told that there was some confusion about my copay I asked what that meant and received the biggest attitude from the girl at desk. I am sorry but if you can’t be asked a simply question don’t be the first contact person at the office. The office was clean it’s a shame that the staff treat patients like this.
18:01 20 Mar 24
Easily worked me in to an appointment and their kind assistance made the visit effortless and timely.
Michelle JohnsonMichelle Johnson
11:31 18 Mar 24
With so many unfavorable reviews, I made sure to allot a couple hours for my ultrasound visit. However, the entire process from scheduling to scan was completely seamless. Each time I called, the phone was answered promptly (compared to their competitor whom my doctor’s office originally sent my request to that I could never get anyone on the phone). Everyone I had contact with was very polite. When I received my reminder call, I was informed of an appointment time of 9:15, which I swear it was originally 9:45 when I scheduled the appointment, however this didn’t bother me one bit since I needed to be fasted. I arrived around 8:50am, completed minimal paperwork, was called back for my scan before my 9:15 scheduled time. Kim was very pleasant and experienced. My scan was completed and I was out the door by 9:20ish. My only negative is that the interior could use some cleaning/updating, however that doesn’t affect their skill so that’s just nitpicking. Overall great experience and would highly recommend. Have yet to receive the report, so if there’s any issues with that part I may return to update my rating, although at this point I am very pleased with their service.
Beverly VigilantBeverly Vigilant
18:14 14 Mar 24
My appointment was for 10:45am. Arrived at my appointment @10:30amWaited 1 hour before the medical assistance informed me that the tech that do the X-ray was out and it would be a few minutes before another tech can squeeze me in. It was very unprofessional to have me waiting an hour before I started insisting why other patients is being seen before me, when I was at my appointment on time. The medical assistance should of informed me that the tech was out and I was on a waiting list. She didn’t even gave me the option to reschedule or be on the waiting list. That was very unprofessional. The office needs to train the assistance at the front desk on giving the customers the option to wait or to reschedule. Instead she gave me some sorry reason why I waiting for 1 hour. It was another tech informed me that the tech that does the X-ray was out of the office today.
Christine ReddyChristine Reddy
18:04 29 Feb 24
This office canceled my appointment without informing me. They claimed they called and left a voicemail which I never received. I even showed them my call log and voicemail box. I have been trying to get an ultrasound done since December 15, 2023. This is the second place that has been nothing but a disappointment because they don’t care about a patients health nor have any respect to inform patients about issues because they lack communication and compassion. I called Monday this week to give my insurance information and to confirm my appointment. All because the woman who took my insurance information “wrote to many zeros” they canceled my appointment that I needed to follow up with my surgeon appointment on monday (that took me 3 months to get). Now I have to go to an appointment without any imaging because this place is truly despicable. No wonder why patient care is down the drain and people are dying because we can’t get proper Healthcare for insurance that we pay for. I’m bleeding Internally because I’m loosing blood and they needed to confirm where the bleed was. My insurance denied the CT scan order because they wanted a ultrasound order first and yet getting weekly transfusions to keep me barely functioning still we can find the problem. When it places like this who are the problem! Schedule an appointment with this place and you’ll never get any results and probably pass away before you do.Note: it was a STAT abdominal UltrasoundThey could have kept my appointment to self pay and submit to insurance. They gave me an option to drive to Brandon for a walk in and offered a $10 giftcard which would have added 3 hours to my trip for all the driving and waiting as I drive from Auburndale.
Joy ZornJoy Zorn
13:07 09 Feb 24
Front desk staff is rude and unprofessional but in the back they’re great
Andrea RussoAndrea Russo
20:57 07 Dec 23
I was nervous to have a MRI because I have issues with claustrophobia. Andrew was professional, calm and understanding. He explained that he would inform me of the time left at various points. I kept my eyes closed and was able to have the test done in the wide open bore machine.
Faye TuckerFaye Tucker
15:31 11 Sep 23
The customer service I received was extraordinary. I arrived for my appointment early as I was in the area and needed to hopefully be seen earlier since I had an emergency come up. The X-ray tech Andrew was very understanding of my need and had no problem fitting me in early so I can take care of my emergency. The front office staff was very helpful and understanding as well. Cassidy and Bella went above and beyond their duty to help me out with my emergency and I am absolutely grateful to them. Keep up the great customer service. I will definitely use them again if need be.

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MRI Associates works with a majority of Insurance Companies including Automobile Carriers, Work Comp, LOP, and Medical. We are diligently working to expand this Insurance Network daily. These are the insurances we are currently accepting for your High Field MRI, Open MRI, CT Scan, X-Ray, and Ultrasound patients as of April 2020.