Michelle AnglinMichelle Anglin
17:14 23 May 24
Staff was very friendly fast and considerate I couldn’t d my mri because of the how closed it was I’m very claustrophobic so she let me stop and told me to schedule a appointment at there Lakeland office because it’s more open then this office so helpful
Josephine CratitJosephine Cratit
22:43 22 May 24
My experience was great, didn’t have to wait long, and the staff was professional.
Paula LintonPaula Linton
00:34 14 May 24
Staff’s were very friendly and I didn’t have to wait long to be attended to. The room was very clean. I would recommend this place to my families and friends.
CJ SmartCJ Smart
19:59 10 May 24
Waited on phone fof 20 minutes for my call to be answered and then was told that the extention was not available and they hung up. Bad service
Lizzy RiveraLizzy Rivera
13:33 30 Apr 24
Very nice and professional staff 👏
Harry DominickHarry Dominick
22:12 27 Apr 24
I went to this MRI facility and being handicapped I used their wheel chair and was treated and helped with respect. The staff were friendly and accommodating to my needs for the service. They had staff available to assist me into the table, afte me they helped me get into their pants. The staff wanted me to be safe and kept asking if there was anything they could do.I am appreciative of their assistance and this helped to relax me. Nice, pleasant and very professional staff. A+++++++++++++++++
Diane LaPanDiane LaPan
14:51 27 Apr 24
11:35 25 Apr 24
Camille CulverCamille Culver
15:54 24 Apr 24
Love this place,not a long wait,the staff are very sweet
Teresa LuhringTeresa Luhring
19:24 23 Apr 24
They were professional, kind, and timely.
laura Circlelaura Circle
19:23 23 Apr 24
Got in right away and the MRI tech was very nice.
Toni DavisToni Davis
17:51 23 Apr 24
Deena ChalbergDeena Chalberg
04:12 23 Apr 24
Very courteous detailed staff. On time and thorough.
Sam CarterSam Carter
19:19 22 Apr 24
The place is always clean and inviting when you arrive then the staff prepares you for whatever is prescribed. The technicians are very accommodating prepared for a swift process. Thank youMelinda Carter
LYNN StaboleskiLYNN Staboleski
15:34 16 Apr 24
Very nice and attentive staff
Jacqulyn SimsJacqulyn Sims
11:59 11 Apr 24
People are very friendly fast and make you comfortable from beginning to end of visit
Shira StephensShira Stephens
00:22 11 Apr 24
The entire staff in the Winter Haven office are great! The Mri tech Nicole was exceptional, absolutely phenomenal. I don’t do well in MRIs, however she made me so comfortable and talked to me the entire time. This is the place for all of my imaging! Book your appointment in Winter haven! You won’t be disappointed.
S McS Mc
21:04 10 Apr 24
Everyone was friendly.
Terri FlutyTerri Fluty
21:00 10 Apr 24
Very efficient and friendly staff was very professional and made sure I was comfortable thru all the procedures
David GordonDavid Gordon
18:11 08 Apr 24
Fast service. Employees very nice and professional.
Sheryl CopeSheryl Cope
13:08 05 Apr 24
Rosa BarretoRosa Barreto
22:56 03 Apr 24
Over all was really well. Tech was very professional and helpful.
Norman SimpsonNorman Simpson
18:42 03 Apr 24
Michael CrispenMichael Crispen
17:08 03 Apr 24
Quick, easy, in and out in less than a half hour.
Kathy HallKathy Hall
15:52 21 Mar 24
MRI of Winter Haven : all are helpful and considerate. I have been having some issues and have been there a number of times in last few months. I don’t have to wait long and staff is very understanding.
Paulette CrystalPaulette Crystal
17:38 05 Mar 24
Today I was nervous and the young lady who did my catscan went above and beyond to help me. I had issues in getting authorization on time for the appointment so I contacted insurance to expedite. They fit me into a very busy schedule to accommodate me. A good team works together at this facility.
sheila fordsheila ford
17:20 07 Feb 24
The entire staff was awesome. I’ve had 3 MRI’s before without any problems but today I panicked. The technician was awesome and helped me through it so he could get the MRI complete.
Abe CruzAbe Cruz
20:34 16 Nov 23
They are always great. Arrived prior to appt, filled some forms for my mom, and called her in by her appt, time. About 20 mins later all done and out the door. Great office, staff is friendly and cordial.
Gabriela CortesGabriela Cortes
21:25 06 Nov 23
They told me to show up at 4pm then when I got there they said I was late. They said that they told me to show up at 3:45, but no one told me anything about being early. They then booked me 2 more weeks out. I drove over 40 mins to come to this appointment and then they tell me I’m late because someone didn’t tell me to show early for paperwork. They could have sent the paperwork electronically or simply told me the correct time to be there.
Paul HeinzelPaul Heinzel
14:04 22 May 24
Kelly and the whole team did a great job and went the extra mile to make certain my insurance was accepted. My experience there was seamless and very efficient. Professional and compassionate care
Kevin SnyderKevin Snyder
14:34 08 May 24
Nice tech, great service, easy to schedule with. Thanks.
Amy EngstromAmy Engstrom
17:57 29 Apr 24
Even though I missed my appointment time, the entire office worked to fit me in.Inside, Kim tucked me into blankets better than Mom did… So gracious and giving of her time. God bless this crew.
Amelia GroveAmelia Grove
20:47 12 Apr 24
I have been to Venice MRI a few times Over the last 3 years. All of the staff are tremendous. The care and kindness I received was incredible and I would never go else where. The office is lovely and clean, very professional. I would recommend to anyone in need of this service. In particular, Kim and Kelly were superstars.
Dan BrownDan Brown
17:52 06 Mar 24
Great staff, friendly, answers the phone without a long wait time. Well organized with appointments and never waited a long time for my appointment. Have gone there twice and both times had the same experience. Highly Recommend
Ken RittKen Ritt
13:47 28 Feb 24
I have had at least 5 visits here in the past 3 months due to a kidney stone issue.The staff is very good and fast and easy to work with.Debbie the new ultra sound tech is great and knows how to do her job .my compliments to all.
Chris DoerrerChris Doerrer
05:35 09 Dec 23
Kelly was able to schedule 3 procedures I needed all in the same day. When I got there Kim proceeded to do both MRI’s back to back, handed me off to Michelle to do a CT scan and I was out of there in about an hour. Couldn’t be more pleased at how comfortable they made me feel as I was suffering from sciatica in both legs and every movement was a painful effort.Fantastic experience, thanks again everyone.
Kenny JonesKenny Jones
18:57 08 Dec 23
Had 3 appointments at this place. Drove 1 hour to appointment. 1sappointment”we don’t have you scheduled.. OK go for 2nd scheduled appointment. “We don have you approved, have to reschedule. OK. 3rd appt. We have you approved but not scheduled. Yes you do 10 am Dec. 8, arrive at 9:45. “Nope,we.have nothing for you. “Yes you do You and lady at desk set it up and gave me date and time. I have written confirmation and patient witness to verify. “They’re nothing for you and we’re booked up. Very incompetent office per who don’t know left from right. How does this office function? No wonder they have hiring immediately notices on office door. What a fiasco. We will request physicians and providers to stop using MRI and geyt someone who can get the basics done. Poor service, no empathy, and staff could care less. Do not have half a clue what they are doing. Pathetic.
Laura BenavidesLaura Benavides
15:19 26 Oct 23
I went here yesterday for an ultrasound. It was performed by Chris. I highly recommend her. She knows exactly what she is doing and how to make you feel comfortable. The office staff at the Venice location are awesome also.
Brandon MRI
Based on 140 reviews
powered by Google
ganna gubanovaganna gubanova
15:17 20 May 24
Just terrible tech and service. If you want to die , welcome !
Raafat RadwanRaafat Radwan
12:16 11 Apr 24
They are very kind people. And professional.
Debbie London BakerDebbie London Baker
15:30 05 Mar 24
My husband and I were referred to Brandon MRI several years ago. We’ve had exemplary service from making an appointment to the technicians who do the various procedures we’ve gone for to checkout and answering questions. It’s a pleasure working with them.
Bonnie MooneyBonnie Mooney
17:41 28 Feb 24
Cannot Say Enough!♡!!!What started as a total disconnect from other parts of Insurance…This group Hit it Out Of The Park.Tammy and her staff are Amazing!The standard of professionalism, human care, kindness, thoroughness, knowledge is what you want from every office visit. They did this seamless and on point.I’m beyond graciously Thankful for the entire staff.My husband and ISincerely Thank You♡
Marc DanonMarc Danon
14:04 20 Feb 24
Quick and efficient. I had a late appt and was in and out in 35 minutes.
Laura BurgerLaura Burger
21:24 02 Nov 23
Beautiful waiting room, but no wait time. Receptionist/front desk personnel was warm and friendly, very personable and professional. No waiting, radiology techs were a bit icy 🥶….BUT…. Loved the office though, it’s the cleanest and most beautiful medical office I have ever been… this was my second visit with years between. This is the ONLY radiology office I will ever go to.
Doc EnglishDoc English
15:17 06 Mar 24
Pretty good. I can’t wait to hurt myself again so I can come back!
Robert McSparrenRobert McSparren
00:36 06 Feb 24
Staff is caring, courteous and professional. Dana performed MRI with state of the art open machine and communicated with me appropriately during procedure.
,Lois-Lynn Bellemare,Lois-Lynn Bellemare
16:08 29 Jan 24
I was extremely pleased with the service I received from MRI Associates. Professional but friendly. Explained everything they were doing. I have used them twice.
Valerie DValerie D
09:33 28 Jun 23
The reception staff is warm and compassionate to begin with. They’re very efficient and very willing to accommodate if possible. If you find yourself in the unfortunate position to need x rays or MRI, (I’ve had both at this location), they’re the place to go. The woman who performed my MRIs and my x-rays is excellent at her job Their radiologists have a good reputation for thorough and detailed reports.5 stars! 🤩
Rebecca FitzgeraldRebecca Fitzgerald
14:55 21 Jun 23
me Ame A
23:16 31 Dec 18
Brought my teenage daughter in for an MRI a couple of weeks ago, and we had a great experience! The front desk staff was warm and welcoming, and very professional. The paperwork was ready to go, and we didn’t have to wait long to be called back. The MRI technician was wonderful as well. She was very kind, friendly, patient, and made sure my daughter was comfortable before the imaging began. I would recommend MRI Associates to anyone needing imaging.
Palm Harbor MRI
Based on 194 reviews
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02:07 14 Jun 24
I recently had an appointment at Palm Harbor MRI Associates and couldn’t be happier with my experience. The staff was incredibly professional, friendly, and attentive from the moment I walked in. The facility is clean and modern, making me feel comfortable and at ease. The technicians were skilled and patient, ensuring I was relaxed and informed throughout the procedure. The results were delivered promptly, with clear and thorough explanations from the radiologist. I highly recommend Palm Harbor MRI Associates for anyone in need of imaging services
Benjamin J. HofrichterBenjamin J. Hofrichter
19:43 05 Jun 24
I had an appointment at 8:15am today. I got there at 8 am and waited until 8:45 to be called in. During the wait time no one told me that they scheduled me for the smaller MRI machine. When I was called back the first thing the technician asked was if I was claustrophobic because I was scheduled for the closed MRI and he didn’t think I would fit. We tried and I did not fit. He told me that they had an open MRI and I would fit in there and he would see if he could get me in it. He came back and told me to go to the front and speak with the lady who checked me in. When I did, she said they had to reschedule me. I told her I had to take off work to be there and that I would have to take off work if I have to reschedule. She said there was nothing she could do. I told her I would schedule with another company and left. About 35 minutes later I returned because I forgot to get back the Dr.’s order for the MRI and when I spoke with the same lady about the order and also getting all the papers I signed returned she got up and went to the shredder box and looked through the papers on top of the box. She then went into the back and came back without them. She then went onto the computer and as she was doing this, the other lady that was sitting there lifted up a black garbage can and pulled my paperwork out of it. When I questioned them throwing it away she said that’s their shredder. I told her its not and that the other lady walked to the shredder and looked at the papers there and she just looked at me.I would not recommend this company for anything. The technician was very polite and helpful but the ladies up front didn’t seem to care at all and didn’t care that I had to take off work (and loose a days pay to be there) and would have to take off work again.
April AdamsApril Adams
18:29 04 Jun 24
They will give you false information when you get a scan here! I’m currently pregnant and they have delayed my medical care. They said they saw no gestational sac and I can feel the baby moving in my stomach. I have very high blood pressure and high sugar levels. I wouldn’t seek Care here every again for anything. I don’t know how legally they are allowed to get away with false information but they did they were allowed to give false statements on my medical report.
Kevin RichardKevin Richard
17:25 26 May 24
I have used Palm Harbor MRI on 2 occasions now for X-rays. Girls upfront very nice, and the whole crew in the back, including Tiffany the RT is Outstanding! In and Out with easy! Thanks everyone~ Army Veteran
Nodir FNodir F
18:01 17 May 24
I recently visited Palm Harbor MRI for a scan, and I had an exceptional experience from start to finish. The facility is state-of-the-art, and the environment is clean and welcoming. The staff is incredibly professional, courteous, and attentive, making me feel comfortable and well-cared for throughout the entire process.Scheduling the appointment was straightforward and convenient, and the front desk staff were helpful and efficient in handling all the paperwork. The MRI technician was extremely knowledgeable and explained the procedure clearly, which helped alleviate any anxiety I had.During the scan, the technician ensured I was comfortable and frequently checked in with me to make sure I was doing okay. The entire process was smooth and completed in a timely manner. I also appreciated the quick turnaround time for the results, which were promptly communicated to my doctor.Overall, I highly recommend Palm Harbor MRI for anyone needing imaging services. The combination of cutting-edge technology, excellent staff, and a patient-centered approach made my experience outstanding. I will definitely return here for any future imaging needs.
Maria FallsMaria Falls
02:41 17 May 24
Very disappointed tonight. Went for an MRI and when made appointment told the lady I am very claustrophobic she recommended the wider machine and said because of the location where it was needed they would not stick my whole body in the machine. I checked in tonight and the story was totally different and the tech made it worst was a very nasty old lady who needs to retire. No bedside manner and was preaching at me for everything I said. Horrible experience. I left the place. I have been coming for mammograms , CT scans ,ultrasounds etc for about 15yrs and it has always been wonderful from setting appointment to procedure day but definitely not tonight. Will find a different place for an open MRI.
22:05 16 May 24
The ladies at the front desk were all gracious, unlike many of their colleagues elsewhere, who are Welcome-to-the-Assembly-Line. Kevin and his colleague were friendly administering the MRI (no fun)Would definitely return, though hope I don’t have to!
I recently had a CT scan and when I realized I was experiencing a reaction, the technician called a radiologist in the room in less than a minute. They were caring, reassuring and clearly explained their protocol. I was carefully monitored until my blood pressure was in a normal range. The office staff made a well-being telephone call to me later thatafternoon.This is why I have been a patient for over fifteen years.
13:07 03 May 24
Palm Harbor facility very professional staff. I have been twice in 2 months.
Catherine O.Catherine O.
16:29 01 May 24
I made my dex and mri appointments for 9 am on 5/1/2024. Was on time and had the Dex. Went downstairs as I had been instructed and was told my MRI was at 11:30. I’m never wrong about my appointments, I keep them written and also on my computer calendar on email accounts. Came back at 11:30 and a young woman took me into the MRI area. I was wearing a t-shirt and she asked if I had an underwire bra on, which I did. She told me to take it off and just leave my T-shirt on. I came out of the little room and there was a man waiting. Nobody gave me any kind of covering. I felt like I was standing there topless. It felt very HUMILIATING. What is wrong with this place??? I can’t begin to describe how uncomfortable this was. The young woman was not friendly at all and I feel should have brought me a paper gown covering as well. They stuck me head first into the MRI which I was unable to complete. I was told by others I could go feet first. REALLY HORRIBLE EXPERIENCE. Have no idea how to get the help I seriously need here in Florida for my serious neck and spine problems.To be clear: Nobody contacted me later for “well being check” and there was zero empathy from the staff, especially noted by their lack of etiquette in giving me a robe and making me stand there with t-shirt on with no bra. Maybe they should change their business to hoot.ers
Vanessa CorreaVanessa Correa
20:26 23 Apr 24
I would like to Thank Tim and his team at MRI Associates in Palm Harbor. They were extremely considerate and helpful in my time of need. From the moment that I walked in l, to getting my MRI done, the tech and front desk were absolutely amazing. They did their absolute best to be as quick as possible due to the amount of pain I was in. The facility was clean organized and smelt good, best experience I had especially getting an MRI. Thank you all again for your help. Keep up the great work.
18:02 29 Mar 24
I recently moved to Florida and am grateful that my physician recommended that I go to Palm Harbor MRI. The overall experience was outstanding, to include telephone communication with the Scheduling Department, contact with each of the employees at the reception desk as well as the tech who performed the MRI.Before writing my review, I took the time to review many of the 185 comments that preceded mine. Most were 5 stars and outlined in detail many of the positive aspects of receiving services at this site that I planned to document. In brief summary, staff demonstrated excellent customer service (via telephone and in person), were knowledgeable, professional, caring and helpful and appreciated me as a patient.Confirming that an MRI would be covered by my insurance plans was a consuming task. Staff in the scheduling department provided excellent assistance in addressing, resolving and following up with me in regard to this important matter. Kudos to Laci, Bre, Jolee and Amy who graciously ensured I was made aware of all aspects of the scheduling and insurance process to my complete satisfaction.On the day of my MRI, I had the privilege of meeting each of the staff working at the reception desk. In addition to being extremely courteous, professional and efficient, it was clear that each respected and enjoyed working with one another. Kristy, Ashley and Maddie worked very well as a team, and clearly evidenced commendable interactions with patients as well as with one another.Holly was the tech who performed the MRI, and demonstrated notable efficiency, knowledge, skills and abilities. She spontaneously indicated that she works well with all office staff and that they respect her performance. I felt confident that the test was completed proficiently.As a result of my complete satisfaction, I even had the opportunity to speak with the Facility Manager, Micki Burroughs, who was immediately available to take my call and personally, and gratefully accept my feedback.My experience at Palm Harbor MRI was outstanding and more than deserves a 5 star rating.
Kathy FisherKathy Fisher
18:38 17 Mar 24
Had a MRI done today(Sunday), for the first time. What a great experience! Very clean, with the most pleasant girls working. Thank you for working on a weekend to help make our lives a little easier. I will be back and have already spread the word on facebook for friends as well.
lori perrottilori perrotti
16:24 09 Mar 24
Shout out to Kevin, Amy and Carrie.I had an awesome experience having two MRI’s back to back. Thank you to the great team. 🫶🫶
April BrenayApril Brenay
15:07 03 Mar 24
Took my son for an MRI on his knee. He had a very good experience, they explained everything to him and made him feel safe and comfortable.
Dre DaggerDre Dagger
02:03 27 Jan 24
This place is amazing, I had my second mri today and they were so nice and accommodating. Thank you Amy for being so kind, and my MRI tech was lovely. I’m from Canada and have been really impressed both times I came here.
Tiffany WismanTiffany Wisman
16:32 03 Jan 24
I came in for an MRI from a workplace injury. I didn’t consider myself claustrophobic, but it turns out I may be. First of all,right when I came in, I noticed how beautiful and clean and bright the office was. It was still decorated with these amazing Christmas gnomes! The administrative staff that did my intake were amazing! Ashley and Christie and the team are sweet and professional and a great introduction to preparing for the rest of my visit. Teresa took me back and she was so kind and patient with me and answered all of my questions without making me feel like I was being rushed. I did have a little nervousness connected to the first MRI machine I was being prepped for and the team graciously moved me into the more comfortable one with no problem at all. I am highly recommending this office and the awesome staff for all of your imaging needs. Thank you again, Palm harbor MRI!
Angel SAngel S
14:33 23 Sep 23
This MRI facility is a well put together place to have your imaging . The front desk girl and the MRI tech are professional, so nice . I was pleased to meet them today , had a very nice experience. Unfortunately I was not well enough to get my MRI today because I do not feel well at this time and I am on medication so I will have to save the test for a later date. I was able to go back to the machine and meet all of the staff I just wasn’t feeling well by the time I went into the machine. The MRI machine looks very high tech the staff was amazing and great to me and I am very appreciative of all of their time that I spent with them. I highly recommend this MRI facility to anyone that is in need of good care and imaging with a amazing staff.I even loved the customers I met today , it just was my place to be there today. Sincerely Angel S.
Alisa OswaltAlisa Oswalt
19:43 10 Mar 23
Fast in and out. The staff was polite and professional. I actually paid cash for my x-rays, and the cost was very reasonable. The facility was also clean, had a restroom, and parking was easy. You’ll need an appointment scheduled in advance though, no walk-ins. Enlarge the picture of the building to see which suite to enter based on the type of service.
Highland MRI
Based on 111 reviews
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Dori DDori D
18:26 31 May 24
I’ve had several MRI’s at this location. They are always professional and pleasant.
Veronica McEachernVeronica McEachern
08:44 29 May 24
The two times I have gone there for MRI and CT scan had the radiologist incorrectly read my results. I’m extremely upset and disappointed. These scans are NOT cheap either.
Florida NativeFlorida Native
19:07 28 May 24
This place is as much of a joke as AT radiology, I’ve been trying to get an mri for 3 months now and even though I have ALL the information and authrization numbers I still can’t get an mri. I am guessing that they don’t want to deal with veterans, otherwise they would have documented all the CORRECT information when I called to schedule. Instead of assuming they knew what they needed
Deni BurnettiDeni Burnetti
15:57 28 May 24
Always courteous and professional. I highly recommend Highland MRI
andrea headandrea head
18:51 22 May 24
Everyone from the front desk to the back was nice and very professional. They were efficient and caring. They made every effort to make me comfortable for the exam. I will never go anywhere else for another MRI ever again. Keep up the great work ladies and thank you!!
Windi RappWindi Rapp
15:22 22 May 24
I had a great experience with Highland MRI. The staff was exceptionally kind and I had almost no wait time.
David WallaceDavid Wallace
21:44 21 May 24
Very professional, quick and friendly!!
denise andersondenise anderson
18:05 17 May 24
Excellent staff very little wait time very kind and curtious
Ramon FloresRamon Flores
21:27 16 May 24
My care was excellent and the xray tech I believe his name is Brian was very cordial, patient and professional. Thank you
Reece MReece M
16:41 16 May 24
Jeanna ParkerJeanna Parker
22:32 15 May 24
Fast and efficient. They got me right in at my appointment time and my x-rays were quick. Scott, The radiology tech, was very nice.
Debra FolsomDebra Folsom
20:07 15 May 24
It was great, awesome staff, short wait time .
Paige MPaige M
23:19 14 May 24
I was in and out in 45 minutes. The location is close to my home, very convenient. The girl that set me up was very nice and made sure I was comfortable.
scott gallagherscott gallagher
19:50 06 May 24
Always nice going there, staff is always professional and nice. Today, I was surprised by how well they reacted when a lady was being rude and condescending when told what her co-pay was.
Kay BarlowKay Barlow
13:43 04 May 24
Donna GosikDonna Gosik
22:14 03 May 24
The staff was really great, friendly and helpful. I got an appointment the same day. I would recommend this facility
Darcie NeesonDarcie Neeson
18:40 03 May 24
I was anxious but Debbie was super nice and my MRI went quickly. The front desk receptionist was helpful with billing.
jackqueline jordanjackqueline jordan
19:58 29 Apr 24
Today turns out be great day thanks to Ms Haley i was in pain so bad ms haley take her time do all she could to get me seen thanks ms Haley for being so helpful you did have to help me but in for that ms Haley I really do. Thank you ms Haley at the mri in Lakeland Florida
Anthony WrightAnthony Wright
19:01 27 Apr 24
When things need to be done in a professional way to bring comfort to yourself, Let’s just do it.
Melissa LadidMelissa Ladid
00:48 10 Apr 24
I wanted to give a better review but I couldn’t. The front desk staff were so rude. The mri tech was great. I had a problem with the amount they said was a copay I called insurance company and they said it was impossible for that amount. Insurance rep called and spoke to billing person yet when I got there I was told that there was some confusion about my copay I asked what that meant and received the biggest attitude from the girl at desk. I am sorry but if you can’t be asked a simply question don’t be the first contact person at the office. The office was clean it’s a shame that the staff treat patients like this.
18:01 20 Mar 24
Easily worked me in to an appointment and their kind assistance made the visit effortless and timely.
Michelle JohnsonMichelle Johnson
11:31 18 Mar 24
With so many unfavorable reviews, I made sure to allot a couple hours for my ultrasound visit. However, the entire process from scheduling to scan was completely seamless. Each time I called, the phone was answered promptly (compared to their competitor whom my doctor’s office originally sent my request to that I could never get anyone on the phone). Everyone I had contact with was very polite. When I received my reminder call, I was informed of an appointment time of 9:15, which I swear it was originally 9:45 when I scheduled the appointment, however this didn’t bother me one bit since I needed to be fasted. I arrived around 8:50am, completed minimal paperwork, was called back for my scan before my 9:15 scheduled time. Kim was very pleasant and experienced. My scan was completed and I was out the door by 9:20ish. My only negative is that the interior could use some cleaning/updating, however that doesn’t affect their skill so that’s just nitpicking. Overall great experience and would highly recommend. Have yet to receive the report, so if there’s any issues with that part I may return to update my rating, although at this point I am very pleased with their service.
Beverly VigilantBeverly Vigilant
18:14 14 Mar 24
My appointment was for 10:45am. Arrived at my appointment @10:30amWaited 1 hour before the medical assistance informed me that the tech that do the X-ray was out and it would be a few minutes before another tech can squeeze me in. It was very unprofessional to have me waiting an hour before I started insisting why other patients is being seen before me, when I was at my appointment on time. The medical assistance should of informed me that the tech was out and I was on a waiting list. She didn’t even gave me the option to reschedule or be on the waiting list. That was very unprofessional. The office needs to train the assistance at the front desk on giving the customers the option to wait or to reschedule. Instead she gave me some sorry reason why I waiting for 1 hour. It was another tech informed me that the tech that does the X-ray was out of the office today.
Christine ReddyChristine Reddy
18:04 29 Feb 24
This office canceled my appointment without informing me. They claimed they called and left a voicemail which I never received. I even showed them my call log and voicemail box. I have been trying to get an ultrasound done since December 15, 2023. This is the second place that has been nothing but a disappointment because they don’t care about a patients health nor have any respect to inform patients about issues because they lack communication and compassion. I called Monday this week to give my insurance information and to confirm my appointment. All because the woman who took my insurance information “wrote to many zeros” they canceled my appointment that I needed to follow up with my surgeon appointment on monday (that took me 3 months to get). Now I have to go to an appointment without any imaging because this place is truly despicable. No wonder why patient care is down the drain and people are dying because we can’t get proper Healthcare for insurance that we pay for. I’m bleeding Internally because I’m loosing blood and they needed to confirm where the bleed was. My insurance denied the CT scan order because they wanted a ultrasound order first and yet getting weekly transfusions to keep me barely functioning still we can find the problem. When it places like this who are the problem! Schedule an appointment with this place and you’ll never get any results and probably pass away before you do.Note: it was a STAT abdominal UltrasoundThey could have kept my appointment to self pay and submit to insurance. They gave me an option to drive to Brandon for a walk in and offered a $10 giftcard which would have added 3 hours to my trip for all the driving and waiting as I drive from Auburndale.
Joy ZornJoy Zorn
13:07 09 Feb 24
Front desk staff is rude and unprofessional but in the back they’re great
Andrea RussoAndrea Russo
20:57 07 Dec 23
I was nervous to have a MRI because I have issues with claustrophobia. Andrew was professional, calm and understanding. He explained that he would inform me of the time left at various points. I kept my eyes closed and was able to have the test done in the wide open bore machine.
Faye TuckerFaye Tucker
15:31 11 Sep 23
The customer service I received was extraordinary. I arrived for my appointment early as I was in the area and needed to hopefully be seen earlier since I had an emergency come up. The X-ray tech Andrew was very understanding of my need and had no problem fitting me in early so I can take care of my emergency. The front office staff was very helpful and understanding as well. Cassidy and Bella went above and beyond their duty to help me out with my emergency and I am absolutely grateful to them. Keep up the great customer service. I will definitely use them again if need be.
Kiley RayKiley Ray
16:34 12 Jun 24
Staff was amazing….very friendly and wonderful understanding of my situation. When you are going through a rough time, it’s so important to me to have such a personable and empathetic MRI tech. I was very comfortable, she explained everything. It really put my mind at ease. I will highly recommend this company and the Port Charlotte location. Thank you again!
Erica CarrollErica Carroll
20:03 21 May 24
Called 3 times to make an appointment after requesting one online. Wait on hold forever and then disconnected.
Rob MagiRob Magi
20:28 14 Feb 24
Wonderful experience, she even let me try to use my phone for music but the MRI machine yoinked it out of my hand before I even set it on the stool lol. Good laugh, awesome demonstration of the power of one if these magnetic machines in action, and overall a great experience.
20:16 31 Jan 24
No phone number listed. Useless.