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Images & Reports

Securely access patient images and reports via secure portal.

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Medical Records Request

Securely receive patient reports seamlessly on your portal.

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Physican Portal

Welcome to the MRI Associates Physician Portal where referring physicians and medical staff can follow the progress of their patient’s diagnostic imaging. We appreciate your referrals and will continue on our end to help make your experience with MRI Associates very streamline.

Features and Benefits of Physician Portal

Why refer your patients to MRI Associates?

MRI diagnostic imaging facilities are patient-focused, delivering friendly service in a fast, efficient and comfortable manner. We provide excellent service to physicians and medical staff members which makes it easy to refer patients. Radiology reports are always available to you within 24-36 hours (with STAT | Wet Read | First Read studies on request). Diagnostic imaging at MRI Associates generally costs much less than at the hospital, with most tests costing less than half of what the hospital charges. That can make a real difference to your patient’s out-of-pocket cost for their deductible or co-pay.

Expert diagnoses for exceptional treatment.

When a physician refers a patient to MRI Associates, they do so knowing they will receive the same exceptional level of care and compassion they give their patients. PAtients are seen quickly, with their results reported back to their physician within 24-36 hours.

Insurance Authorization Service

We have numerous authorization specialists that will walk your imaging order through from start to finish. This is a complimentary service provided to all referring physician’s offices. We will handle the entire process, simply provide our staff with the script and demographics and we will take care of the rest. You can see the progress of any of your referrals in our Physician Image & Reports Portal.

Request Access to Images & Reports

To have access to your patients diagnostic films and radiology reports you will need a username and password. Please click on the button below, fill out the general form and we will have one of our Account Executives walk you through the easy process while also suppling you with the required username and password.

Schedule Patient(s) Online

To schedule your patient(s) online simply select the button below and fill our the Appointment form and we will contact your patient and be sure to get them in as soon as possible.  Once the appointment is made we will contact your office to let you know when your patient is scheduled.

Insurance Plans Accepted

MRI Associates works with a majority of Insurance Companies including Major Medical, Automobile Carriers, Workers’ Compensation, along with 100% LOP’s or Liens. We are diligently working to expand this Insurance Network daily. Click the button below to view all our accepted insurance plans.

Physicians Guide to Modalities

Practitioners are often faced with selecting the correct modality, most often the decision is between MRI and CT Scan.  Some of the factors that can determine this are: area of complaint, presenting symptoms, and suspected pathology.  We have put together a list to help as a reference in case there is a question to which modality would be best to order, just click the button below.

Modalities Provided

We take pride in offering our patients the latest in imaging and diagnostic technology while maintaining an environment that is friendly, relaxed and professional. 

Reading Radiologists

MRI Associates utilizes vast teams of Board Certified Radiologists, who have obtained specialty certifications in all fields of radiology enabling our referring physician’s flexibility to choose their preferred Radiologist. To access a list of our reading radiologist click the button below.

Request or Print Referral Forms

MRI Associates offers specific referral forms for specific medical specialties. Our referral forms include a main script (has every modality and exam type that is available), chiropractic script, mammography script, and also a podiatry script. Click on the button below to access our referral forms, you can print them or request more referral pads.

CPT Procedure Codes

Radiology procedure codes are a fundamental part of most radiology workflows, such as ordering, scheduling, billing, and image interpretation. Click the button below to see CPT codes.