3D CT-Based Planning

3D CT-based planning is a method used in medical procedures to visualize anatomical structures and plan surgical interventions or treatments using three-dimensional computed tomography (CT) images. This technique involves the use of specialized software to reconstruct CT scan data into detailed 3D models of the patient’s anatomy.

Surgeons, radiologists, or other healthcare professionals can use these 3D models to better understand the patient’s anatomy, identify specific anatomical landmarks, and simulate various surgical approaches or treatment strategies. By manipulating the virtual 3D models, they can evaluate different scenarios, anticipate potential challenges, and optimize the surgical plan before the actual procedure.

3D CT-based planning is commonly used in various medical specialties, including orthopedic surgery, neurosurgery, vascular surgery, oncology, and interventional radiology. It helps improve surgical accuracy, reduce operating time, minimize complications, and ultimately enhance patient outcomes.