Patient Advisory Consent for Mammography

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Mammography is currently the best method for early detection of breast cancer. Not all breast cancers are found by mammography.

If you have had previous mammograms, this information is important for an accurate interpretation of your mammogram performed here today. It is your responsibility to provide this facility with your previous mammograms for a comparison study.

If breast implants are present a special kind of exam is necessary requiring pictures with and without the implant. The breast implant obscures some breast tissue. In most cases the implant is gently moved back out of the way with normal compression applied to breast tissue only. Slight compression is applied with the implant in place to prevent motion.

Problems caused by compression or moving of the implant ar extremely rare and are mostly found with older or weakened implants.

Mammography is one of the tools used to detect ruptures or leaks in implants.

The risk of breast cancer and the benefit of a mammogram exceed the slight chance of implant complications.

If you agree with the following statement please sign below and we will proceed with your mammogram.